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Thank you for your interest in Transition to Algebra!

Transition to Algebra is designed to build students' algebraic habits of mind and key mathematical ways of thinking. Students will explore algebraic logic puzzles that connect to and extend algebra course topics. They will learn broadly applicable tools and strategies to help them make sense of what they are learning about in algebra. TTA asks students to discuss and refine their ideas as they work through mental mathematics activities, written puzzles, spoken dialogues, and hands-on explorations that engage them in cultivating mathematical knowledge, intuition, and skills.

 The Product Overview contains:

  • Unit overviews and contents
  • Annotated pages from a Teacher Guide
  • Annotated pages from a Student Worktext
  • A summary of included digital resources

 The Puzzle Sampler contains examples of the 7 kinds of puzzles utilized by TTA:

  • Mobile Puzzles
  • Order Puzzles
  • Where Am I? Puzzles
  • Who Am I? Puzzles
  • Mystery Number Puzzles
  • Truth Puzzles
  • MysteryGrid Puzzles