"Transition to Algebra supports the learning of complex skills through the organizing tools and steps students up to higher-level processes."

—Kate Clapp, high school math teacher, West Hartford, CT

Developed by the Educational Development Center (EDC), Transition to Algebra is a research-based support program designed to be different from other algebra resources. It focuses on building students’ algebraic “habits of mind”—ways of thinking mathematically that align with the Standards for Mathematical Practice and help students shift from the concrete procedures of arithmetic to the abstract reasoning that algebra requires.

Download a Transition to Algebra sampler, which includes:

  • Three complete lessons and related resources from the first unit, Language of Algebra
  • Corresponding pages from the Teaching Guide that help structure and guide daily instruction
  • The Unit 1 Snapshot Check-in—a mid-unit formative assessment tool provided for each of the             twelve Transition to Algebra units
Transition to Algebra

Download Your Sampler