Puzzles embody many of the educational goals of Transition to Algebra. Most importantly, they foster a look-around-for-some-way-to-start mentality. With standard “problems,” people tend to expect that they are “supposed to know what to do” and often feel inadequate if they don’t immediately see how to solve the problem. With puzzles, people expect that starting may take time and thought—that’s what makes something a puzzle. In that sense, puzzles “give us permission” to think. Furthermore, each step you take is likely to make it easier to finish, so the rewards are great. The authors of Transition to Algebra invented new math puzzles and repurposed tried-and-true ones to serve the learning goals of each lesson and unit. This booklet will introduce you to the instructional possibilities of these puzzles and then let you try some out. Enjoy!

Transition to Algebra Puzzle Book

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