Math in Practice Modules

Thank you for your interest in Math in Practice, the new grade-by-grade professional learning resource from Susan O'Connell and colleagues. Along with A Guide for Teachers and A Guide for Administrators, Math in Practice offers grade-level books (K-5) that address the specific content, standards, and teaching strategies relevant to that grade.

Complete the form to the right to access a full module from all six grade-level books, including:

  • Kindergarten: Module 5, "Comparing Numbers 1-10"
  • First Grade: Module 12, "Working with Money"
  • Second Grade: Module 11, "Exploring Time"
  • Third Grade: Module 5, "Rounding Numbers to the Nearer Ten or Hundred"
  • Fourth Grade: Module 9, "Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers"
  • Fifth Grade: Module 13, "Exploring Volume"

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