“The teaching strategies we choose will form our students’ beliefs about math. Will our students leave our classrooms thinking that math is all about speed and right answers, or will they have a different set of beliefs that embrace understanding, discovering, thinking, problem solving, and risk taking?”

—Susan O’Connell

Math in Practice


Thanks for your interest in Math in Practice, the new grade-by-grade professional learning resource from Susan O’Connell and colleagues. Designed to fit with any math curriculum you are using, it identifies the big ideas of both math content and math teaching, unpacking essential instructional strategies and detailing why those strategies are powerful.

This 64-page digital sampler includes:

  • A look at the need for professional learning resources like Math in Practice and an overview of all eight books in the series.
  • Sample pages from the first chapter of A Guide for Teachers. This book is the linchpin of the entire series, providing a foundation for the accompanying grade-level books.
  • Module 5 from Teaching Kindergarten Math (“Comparing Numbers 1-10”).
  • Module 13 from Teaching Fifth-Grade Math (“Exploring Volume”).
  • Additional information about the modules in each grade-level book and purchasing options.

Download Your Sampler