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Our free “A Look Inside the Writing Minilessons” PDF Sampler provides an in-depth overview of the practical, inquiry-based lessons found in The Writing Minilessons Books. Now available from PreK through grade 6, these resources support a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction that nurtures your students’ ability to write with purpose, imagination, and voice.

Take a Closer Look at What’s Inside

  • Sample Lessons: Get a sneak peek of our unique, engaging lessons that cater to diverse learning styles. You’ll find an example lesson from PreK through grade 6.
  • Resource Structure: See how each Writing Minilessons Book is organized to offer both practical support (a how-to handbook on teaching writing) and tactical support (a wealth of ready-to-use minilessons).
  • Instructional Approach: Learn about the pedagogy that undergirds this resource and the important role that writing can play across different subject areas.
  • Companion Materials: Explore the supplementary resources and supporting materials available to enhance the lessons and enrich your teaching repertoire.

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