Do The Math Samplers

Thank you for your interest in Do The Math. Do The Math provides carefully planned and paced classroom-tested lessons for developing students' numerical understanding and skills. Do The Math can be used to supplement core instruction or for intervention support.

In these samplers, you’ll see examples of content from the Teacher Guide. A single module in each content area has been selected so that you can get a glimpse into the full program. We sample Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Fractions.

When you download the samplers, you’ll see examples of:

  • The Section Overview
  • Instructional Principals
  • A Letter from Marilyn Burns
  • The Planner
  • Sample Lessons
  • Annotated WorkSpace Pages
  • The Attitude Survey, Show What You Know, Objectives Tracker, and Community News.
DTM_number_core_sampler.png DTM_multiplication_sampler.png
DTM_Fractions_sampler DTM_division_sampler.png