The Common Core State Standards have put a renewed emphasis on writing instruction. It emphasizes the process approach to writing (Standard 5) and the need to write routinely and extensively (Standard 10). It requires students to write argument/opinion essays (Standard 1), informational texts (Standard 2), and narrative texts (Standard 3). In addition, writing is expected to be taught across the curriculum.

Building on the best practices and proven frameworks in the original Units of Study for Teaching Writing series, this new series by Lucy Calkins and her colleagues from the Reading and Writing Project offers grade-by-grade plans for teaching writing workshops that help students meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards.

These grade-specific samplers will show you how the new units will:

  • help you teach opinion, information, and narrative writing with increasing complexity and sophistication
  • unpack the Common Core writing standards as you guide students to attain and exceed those expectations
  • foster high-level thinking, including regular chances to synthesize, analyze, and critique
  • develop and refine strategies for writing across the curriculum
  • support greater independence and fluency through intensive writing opportunities
  • include strategic performance assessments to help monitor mastery and differentiate instruction
  • provide a ladder of exemplar texts that model writing progression across the K–8 continuum.
Lucy Calkins Samplers

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