The Comprehension Toolkit was developed to support students as they become proficient readers and build knowledge across the content areas. The lessons throughout this resource support the BEST standards to support Florida educators as they teach comprehension skills, critical thinking, text response, and more.

Download these three lessons aligned with the Florida BEST standards to get started:


Comprehension Toolkit Florida BEST Lesson Cover



Read, Write, and Talk

In this lesson, students read an engaging text that leads to purposeful talk. They stop, think, and react as they read, annotating the text as they go.



Comprehension Toolkit Florida BEST Lesson Cover


Read to Get the Gist

In this lesson, students learn to read for the gist and then respond with their own questions, connections, and inferences.

Comprehension Toolkit Florida BEST Lesson Cover


Ask Questions to Read Critically

In this lesson, students start by defining a problem in a high-interest article. They demonstrate their understanding by asking questions and discussing their thinking.